HOMESurgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments

Inami is one of the leading brands of ophthalmic surgical instruments, which has acquired various complements from Japanese top MDs by longstanding credence to the high grade quality control system, the original product lines offering competitive prices, the attitude of listening humbly to customers' voice and admonition to the refinement on our products. An actual performance "major share in Japanese domestic market" proves the cachet.

Since late 1960's when a surgical microscope was introduced in ophthalmic surgical field, surgeons have been looking for more delicate instruments to meet their purpose. We enjoyed the advantages of developing refined ophthalmic surgical instruments by our matured experience and technique.

Now, we believe that this is our mission to deliver this premium quality not only to Japanese MDs, but also to MDs outside of Japan. We hereby introduce our 2 brands of surgical instruments.

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